Who are we?

Monard’s international civil service law team advises international civil servants and international organizations on a wide range of issues, from internal disputes and staff issues of all sorts to the reform of internal staff rules and policies, internal audits, conducting investigations and setting up best practices.

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Bert Theeuwes

Bert Theeuwes has over 20 years of practical experience advising international organizations and international civil servants. He also assists sovereign States, embassies, missions, heads of State, diplomats and international civil servants on all issues of public international law and diplomatic relations.

Bert represents clients from all over the world with their global and domestic issues. He has advised on various legal and/or international civil service law issues in connection with international organizations or bodies such as the UN, NATO, the EU, IMF, the World Bank, the African Union, ILO, CDE, the ACP Secretariat, ESA, EPO, EEAS, Frontex, ILRI, etc.

Bert’s expertise in international law, including international institutional law and international civil service law, is widely recognized. He teaches at University of Brussels and regularly lectures and publishes on these matters.


Saskia Lemeire

Saskia Lemeire advises international and national clients in the areas of public international law, international civil service law and employment law.

Saskia assists international organizations, sovereign States and diplomatic missions on issues of public international law as well as Belgian employment law. She also regularly provides assistance on various aspects of employment law issues ranging from hire & fire to working time, reorganizations and compensation and benefits. With her background in both public international law and employment law, Saskia routinely counsels international organizations and international civil servants on a wide range of international civil service issues.

Saskia currently is a theme developer for Oxford International Organizations and has been appointed lecturer at the Brussels Diplomatic Academy.


Frédéric Dopagne

Dr. Frédéric Dopagne advises and represents sovereign States, international organizations and their respective organs and agents on a wide range of issues of public international law.

In addition to his professional practice at Monard Law, Frédéric is an associate professor (chargé de cours) at the University of Louvain (UCL), where he mainly teaches advanced courses on the law of international organizations, diplomatic law and immunity law, and where he is currently Director of the LL.M in International Law. Frédéric is also a visiting professor at the University of Liège (ULg) and the Belgian Royal Military Academy. Frédéric has published and lectured on various topics of public international law and EU institutional law. He is the current Secretary-General of the Belgian Society of International Law, as well as a member of the respective Boards of Editors of the Belgian Review of International Law and Oxford International Organizations.