Best Law Firm in International Civil Service Law

“When it really matters”

With a track record of assisting international organisations and representing large groups of international civil servants before administrative tribunals worldwide, Monard Law was recipient of the Global 100 - 2018 award for best law firm in International Civil Service Law.

Global 100 remarked that: 

“The team advises international organizations on the reform of internal staff rules and policies, internal audits, the implementation of internal policies, conducting investigations and setting up best practices, compliance training to advising on internal disputes and staff issues of all sorts. 

The team also advises international organisations in internal reforms, reorganisations and cooperation with other organisations and governments.

Recently, the firm has defended the interests of large groups of international civil servants before administrative courts worldwide.. 

This team of seasoned practitioners with experience in different jurisdictions, a strong academic background and knowhow of international organisations from the inside, offers unique services in cases where the stakes are high.”

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