Round Table for International Organizations – 23 May 2019

By Frédéric Dopagne, Saskia Lemeire and Bert Theeuwes

Round table IOs.jpg

The Monard international civil service law team was happy to welcome representatives of various international organizations for a Round Table discussion on recent developments regarding staff regulations and other internal policies.

The round table took place in Brussels on 23 May 2019. It addressed legal issues relevant for the governance and human resources management of international organizations, such as: what standards should staff dispute settlement mechanisms meet? what parts of Belgian employment legislation are applicable to local staff? why are legal audits and compliance of importance to international organizations?

Monard’s team highlighted some interesting trends that have emerged in recent practice, based on their own experience in assisting a number of international organizations. The round table led to fruitful discussions and an informal exchange of views and concerns in several of the organizations represented with headquarters or an office in Belgium.

* * *

Would you like to be informed of future round tables or, more generally, of developments relevant for international organizations or would you like to share issues your organization is facing?

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Saskia Lemeire